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In this category are pages describing universal constants and facts, as well as information on settings and things contained within them.

Alphabets and Keypads
The language and typing systems of Novians.
Base Eight (and Calendars)
Detailing the how and why of the use of octal numbers.
Chief Differences
All the ways novinoids are unlike us.
Have Faith
Summaries of every planet's mainstream religious beliefs.
Outside Reality
The nature of the Wax Candle MASS and what exists beyond it.
Species and Habitats / Habitats and Species
The different kinds of people who inhabit the planets.
· Breast/Penis Average Chart
· Spacefaring Societies


New Shi Kayu
Simulated recreational areas for integrated Futarogu.
Planet Alturiana (formerly named Kefaru)
An occupied sphere with rich history and dying residents.
Planet Argossa Prime
The stronghold of aggressive spacefaring conquerers.
Planet Auric
The extinguished site of a brutal and deadly civil war.
Planet Clash Alpha (formerly named Clash)
A lush home to many combat-oriented cultures.
Planet Novius
A fairly normal, but different, place to live.
Planet Te Ra
An apocalyptic world hosting a myriad of fantastic horrors.
Planet Te Ri
The personal sandbox of many dieties.
Planet Tesepa
A place abandoned by technologists and reclaimed by harmonists.
Supercolony Karasu
Reality itself, and beyond.
The Toi Koe
Somewhere that exists, even though it technically doesn't.
World Zero
The realm of a wronged demigod seeking vengeance for his creator.

These aren't all the planets that exist, but merely the ones which are notable within the stories I've thought up. There are potentially many more waiting for their significance and histories. Help me discover them.

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