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February 04the, 2008 - absent

February 05the, 2008
Whatever this virus is, I was reinfected by it for the third time on Friday. Every time I attempt to get my nose to stop production, all I hear is, HELLO, THIS IS MUCUS SURPLUS. SAY WHEN.
But then Iím 'breaking up' every time I respond that such a circumstance won[\t be a problem RIGKHT EYE YOU BETTER STOP TEARING UP LIKE THAT
I hate being sick. It shows weakness.

February 06the, 2008 - absent

February 07the, 2008 - absent

February 08the, 2008
Well, that was a mess. I believe I showed significant improvement yesterday, but Iíll probably catch it yet again depending on whether or not the bedsheets are washed. Additional development on Panda Bears came in the form of a few new boss ideas.

Who came up with this activity schedule? I want to send someone to their house.
- Me, 1st period

Insert pep rally diss here.

February 11the, 2008
Additional development on Panda Bears and the rebirth of the un-named game series continues. Socom Squad forums are becoming active again. I once heard a tale of why February only has 28 days, and it involved Julius Caesar (July) and Emperor Augustus (August) each taking one day and adding it to their months to show their power. Why is this monitor screen always dirty?

February 12the, 2008
Just when I thought English class couldnít get more ridiculous, she has us write leads based on nursery rhyme characters. My brain has refused to associate itself with characters I havenít liked since kindergarten, so the assignment was completely ruined when she added them. How am I supposed to unleash my brilliance with such restrictions in place? Some people just donít understand how the universe works. My eyes are messing with me and making it difficult to see things clearly.

February 13the, 2008
Then, on the next day, English class ends up being quite pleasant. Most of the students in there now think Iím an awesome writer. Itís funny how things work out like that. The teacher has read the picture essays Iíve written and has found them to be quite a pleasant literary experience.

February 14the, 2008
Freeze-dried confectionary delights are (not) headed your way. I am currently working on the first major part of the game bible which will accompany the series. I promised myself last night that I would work on my website, and I ended up completely forgetting to. Today in English, we learned about depth charging, or as I like to call it, the adjective nitro-boost. 'Twas quite interesting.

February 15the, 2008 - Absent

A Fragmented Sanityís Throne of Discord and Misanthropy

Now with 12% more Audible Sharpness™

February 18, 2008
This weekend was uneventful, just like every one before it. I did some minor work on the revived game series,, and a new flash animation. Why I am not working on at all remains a mystery to me. The long run is a lie. My fellow members of this generation has no idea what 'quiet' means, and are incapable of processing any manner of useful information because they never stop talking.

February 19, 2008
I hope the computrons are fixed. My situation is becoming increasingly dire in the sense that I am now resorting to outright fabrications to get my point across. In fact, the previous sentence is a fabrication. You see what I mean? Iím out of control. I designed a fake nation named Ascendance this morning, complete with flag and pledge. How many test grades is the journal worth this week?

February 20, 2008
I never can think of anything to type here, yet I had two pages worth of self-reflection to write for an English essay rough draft this morning. The hallway on the way here smelled like a urinal cake for some reason. PineappleSocom has opened a Socom Squad store on CafePress, and I find most of the items to be deliciously purchasable. I plan to create a new website for in addition to Impure Creation. (Speaking of which, why the serious have I not done any work on that at all? Probably the same reason I never complete certain assignments in this class. Am I the only one whoís sick of hearing the words 'cover page'?) I have designed the Ascendence 50 Tenders banknote and a government flowchart. Why, I have no idea. Perhaps because itís fun?

February 21, 2008
We worked on a revision draft of the prompt [for which I chose to self-reflect on an unhappy time in my life] in English today, and I think the guidelines [the teacher] gave us helped me make my paper a lot better. Last night I did absolutely nothing of interest. (Shouldnít I be working on my websites?) I discussed ways to introduce the RTS aspect to the first game in the series with my friend Jacob in Spanish yesterday, and he gave me some plausible ideas.

February 22, 2008
I submitted a list of possible domain names to my dad last night. Iíve been playing C&C Renegade and Red Alert II recently instead of doing work on my websites. Maybe I should continue to develop the UFRA (Ascendence). I also did some minor storyline brainstorming while waiting for the bus yesterday, and I thought of adding a unit called Stasis Troopers to one of the potential many factions of the game seriesí RTS segments. This unit uses a special rifle that freezes its target in place. The rifles can be upgraded to emit an electric shock in addition to the time-bubbles.

Itís only gay if you make eye contact™

February 25, 2008
I have created characters for a new series I will only post the acronym of since I am paranoid about people stealing my trademarks out from under me: HSMB:FJRSE. For this series, I will be using a more laid-back, carefree character design instead of my usual perfecting every detail with the line tool practice. Iíve only been here two seconds and Terryís already pissing me off with that retarded "WREEE" noise. Anyway, Iíve done some thinking this morning of the websites for Impure Creation,, and the game series. My dad and I have been swapping emails back and forth over the weekend, and apparently I was on some sort of Top 24 animations list.

February 26, 2008
It turns out my dad is [REDACTED] (which isnít surprising since he doesnít use computers that often after the constant upgrading which was required to keep a computer up-to-date in the 386 DOS era) and thought that the list of my flash on Newgrounds (which is at [REDACTED], go there and vote five on everything) was the site-wide top 24 most popular. This is the 4th reinfection and Iím really starting to get sick of this [REDACTED] disease. (PUNTASTIC) So, photoshop. Iíve never used CS3 before, but knowing Adobe it probably isnít that different from what I usually work with (which is Elements 2).

February 27, 2008
I support the Official Coalition of Ms. Goodson Buying Snacks. To learn more about this campaign, go to Iíve been working on HSMB a bit, thinking of the potential characters and whatnot. Who keeps rubbing their face on this monitor during first period? I caught the end of an old comedy last night, it was pretty hilarious. Most of the ending revolved around sextuplets becoming international news, which convinced Mussolini to resign, Hitler demanded a recount, and other various chaos and insanity took place until the movie ended with the quote of Some are born great, some are made great, and others have greatness thrust upon them.

February 28, 2008
I read up on old games consoles, namely the Atari 2600, last night. Thereís this one guy at who hacks up old consoles and makes them into portable devices, which is actually pretty cool considering how small he manages to get them. To give you an idea of what he is capable of, he was able to combine a PS2 with an Atari 2600 case (rewiring most of the switches on the device so that he could choose which to play, and was able to get a working 2600 into a casing slightly bigger than the Nintendo DS (most of which was required for the cartridge space.)

February 29, 2008 Ė Absent due to Orthos



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