Flash Artwork (2014-06-29)

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Digital doodles for your aesthetic pleasure.

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Flash Crews

Salty Jello version 2
Wow, I used to be horrible!
Death of the Sphere Squadron
A farewell to a closing forum.
Salty Jello version 4
...but I learned quickly.
MMS Clock version 4
A re-reimagining of my first Flash Crew character.
Socom Squad II
That group was so much fun, I wanted to make it happen again.


Celebrating a new website.
ASCII Cupcake
LollerCupcake made from tiles.
Horatio and Friends
Let's do some science!
Horatio and Luna
A vector rendering of some mascots from BBI.
Newgrounds Banner
Because fuck your Flash Portal, I'm the boss.


Deceit Characters
Some of the faces from The Blasphemous Weed storyline.
An early sketch of what was then the demigod of fear.
Decepticus (2)
A more detailed version of the previous image.
Reincarnation of Decepticus
A partially-drawn action scene.
Elise and Xerxes
A psychic girl and her demon-possessed doll.
Previous Characters
More animated weirdos from The Blasphemous Weed arc.
Previous GUIs
I used to want the Ultraverse to be an RPG.
Electric Victoria
Vincent's mastermind of a sister, reborn as an AI.


Computism Logo
Not an actual political movement. (It's more of a philosophy.)
A vaguely scary thing to call my release group.
Some characters for a future artist duel.
More Duelers
Warlocks and wraiths.
Experimental Character Sketches
Me trying out different styles of drawing.
Duel Unit Types
The building blocks of a powerful fictional army.
Vincent and His Fighters
The three-form boss and his loyal underlings.
The Author Avatar
A prototype of Cyborg Vincent Blackhearte.

Other things: [Buddy Cop] [Mark Of Decepticus] [Armored Dweller] [Shotgun Rabbit] [Sketches]

(If you'd like some analogue doodles, try the Books of Bad Ideas.)


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