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A few of my old avatar images from previous identities.

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Presented in order of creation.
For a few more, check out the OBEY Collection.


New Avatar 4 (8 KiB)
The only one I ever needed.
New Avatar 5 (2 KiB)
My old display icon on SheezyArt.
Lord of Cupcakes (10 KiB)
The widescreen remaster of a proven classic.


Newgrounds Standard (9 KiB)
Now in PNG format, which we probably still can't use there!
Huge Dictator (6 KiB)
Created for use on the forums of Impure Creation Layout 3
LollerCupcake 2.0 (6 KiB)
The new hotness, now with zero tracing.
POKEY 1514 (12 KiB)
A logo created in tribute to Toonami's style in 1997.
The Revival (10 KiB)
I discovered the MSPA forums and was set on a new path.


Minister of Elegance (13 KiB)
This was my standard avatar on SS.net for a long time.
I killed the Socom Squad, and then myself! Oh, wait...
Black-and-White Berry (8 KiB)
An experimental and somewhat confusing piece, made during an equally tumultous time in the group's life.
That Fascist Dictator Guy (14 KiB)
I rule this group with an iron fist! Gold Team is dead! Now bow the fuck down! Get on your goddamn knees!
Blackberry 2010 (4 KiB)
Huh? Something about a revival? Where's that happening?


Standard Logo (7 KiB)
Also available in:
16x16 (102b),
37x36 (220b),
100x100 (347b),
150x150 (989b),
200x200 (1414b), and
Desktop Background Sizes
Spinner (10 KiB)
This was actually made with a generator, but it's pretty cool.


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