Kathy Squad (1/7) (2009-07-19)

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The Gearworks War

Kathy Squad

In the summer of 2009, the robot dictator Gearworks arrived at the MSPA Forums with his massive Siege Cathedral and intent to invade. The battle was open to any artist, and would be fought with mechs - defined as any giant construct controlled by a smaller being.

I decided it looked like fun and joined in with the IWA. The initial force consisted of Kathy, a towering insectoid creature. She was piloted telepathically by other, smaller insectoid creatures called Hivelings.

From the shadow realm of Darquegarden, the cupcake-shaped being known only as Origin oversaw his forces.

Elsewhere, in an unspecified but nearby location...

A Void Bomb prepares to detonate.
...someone's planted and started a countdown of some fashion.

A dark spherical portal opens.
Off it goes! Looks like a portal into another dimension...

A large creature with three glowing red eyes emerges.
...and something's coming through!

Close-up of the creature's face, showing its exposed brain.
Meet the Berserker. I call her Kathy. Isn't she cute?
But wait, what's that on her brain?

The brain, with a group of Hivelings psychically interfacing with it.
The hiveminded Technicians control her every impulse.

A communications screen appears in front of the Hivelings.
A lovely bunch, they are. Time to relay some orders via a psionic display.

"Right. I've no need to remind you what we're trying to accomplish here. Just see to it that your objectives are fulfulled, at any cost. Your combat suits are designed to automatically return you to this realm should you suffer fatal damage. Though I am capable of reviving you, I'd prefer to not have to. None of you reached your respective ranks by being killed."

The commander continues to relay orders.

"For now, use strategy "Ob-Sta". Keep yourselves hidden until it becomes necessary to get involved. Fulfill secondary objectives until that time comes. I will send additional units if they are needed. Origin out."

The Hivelings close their eyes.
This next trick needs some concentration.

Kathy starts to fade from visibility.
Kathy fades from visibility.

Only a faint visual distortion gives any clue of where Kathy is.
Fully cloaked. Good luck finding us!

I look forward to meeting you all on the field of battle.
..When our intervention is necessary, of course.

[Part Two]


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