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Do not feel overwhelmed. Even I need the assistance of a long notes file to keep everything consistent. It doesn't always work - at least, not until I track down two error points and find a way to explain them as intentional.

You are invited to do the same. If you find yourself contemplating conflicting story elements, tell yourself that it was a deliberate choice, and make a reason for things to be the way they've ended up. (Then send it to me!) But, if you find yourself unable to do so, this is my version of A Wizard Did It:

"Very Sophisticated Algorithms"
This entire universe exists within a computer-based matter simulator in which very sophisticated algorithms do highly advanced calculations of extremely scientific data. It's not that it doesn't make sense, but rather that the layers of complexity cause me to not yet understand how it does make sense.

The "yet" is important. Everything makes perfect sense, but the reasons why they do must be discovered and implemented. I offer this excerpt from my notes file as an example:

I accidentally placed Dr.R and Xavier under Te Ra's characters, even though that story's supposed to take place on Alturiana. HOWEVER, Decepticus is also SA-001. Deep tunnels to and subverts a portion of land on Te Ra, overwriting it with the Dac Nafir Medical Research Institute. This is a form of error correction; the anomalies were originally intended to kill off the Naga.

This slip-up correction later contributed to the idea of Te Ra as an early, pre-Novius hub world; a persistent "terrestrial lifestyle" setting with portals to other planets which were (at the time) undergoing continuous apocalyptic storylines.

In brief: Nothing is wrong. Come up with a reason why it's right.

In a way, that's what the entire project is based on; it began as me smashing ALL of my fiction together, no matter where it lied on the realism scale, and it was my task to explain things until they began to make sense.

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Let Them Have It.

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