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6 Years!

New! GetLinks GetGames GetStuff 42/48
Updated: 88s GetApps ZeroBS-WWW GetPages About Quizzes Discord Now! Consoles
Changed: Fixed certain GIFs eventually stopping.


about Vegetable tier list, rearranged testimonials
discord Updated user counts
Web1.1 +1 manifesto
0BS-WWW DOS browsers
GetPages +buttons


0BS-WWW Imgur alternative
GetPages +8 buttons
ImgFmts +1 link
ClassicPC more info/new build


Web1.1 More MFin links, Webrings Added new Yesterweb widget, GetApps 4 utilities replaced with HWiNFO (h/t to whoishohokam), 0BS-WWW Added software, GetPages +2 buttons, About added fruit tier list


ClassicPC +Screensavers, build recs
Prebuilts +Mac SW links
GetApps +2 links
GetPages +6 buttons
0BS-WWW +Alternatives
Discord counts updated
Web1.1 +1 link


about New SIs for 2022
web1.1 medium.com links replaced with scribe.rip
PCs Expanded with more info
0BS-WWW Expanded for 2022
GetApps Added DistroChooser GetPages +1 button, +3 bluebox


getpages +3 bluebox, +4 buttons, web1.1 +1 link, getapps Replaced Gopher Browser with Lagrange, updated AV recs
Now That's What I Call 2021
The New Now-rmal


about: revised dislikes column
discord: updated user counts


about: new summary tab
getpages: +6 sites
beigewhales: laserdisc player

2021-12-06: 88s added a source, about reworded TLDR/DNI, added links, more SIs/food, quizzes resized images, +1 quiz, soap added honorable mentions, web1.1 added links, getapps switched HES archive, getpages dealt with yall going through usernames like iphones this week


about Reworded DNI section, quizzes +5 results, getpages +7 followers


about +Prev SIs, lebrevps.txt, getpages +1 88x31, now Added note of weekly updates for today.txt


Happy Website Wednesday! about Took the Colbert Questionert, discord RIP to Neocities Chatroom, dive article metadata fixed, getpages More buttons.


Updated: /index, /88s 1 new button, /about Prev. SIs added, /discord Fixed 38caution's link, /dive is live, /getpages New mutuals!, and /now.


Plant 'em however ya want, but IMO all'a y'all completely misinterpreted this concept. These could be "here's what's new on these cool sites", but alls I'm seeing is "pointless landing pages but in small boxes". lmao