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A brief summary of the various planets' mainstream spiritual beliefs.

Supercolony Karasu and New Shi Kayu

Futarogu and Novians are agnostic, but largely apathetic to the very concepts of dieties and spirituality. These races have shunned further exploration and questioning of the universe in favor of turning inward and focusing on living relaxed lives, enacting fantasy fulfillment within the MASSes.

Alturiana (Kefaru)

Cultures earlier in the planet's history tended to worship one of three living gods. They were Scientius, the Elf god of knowledge; Irus, the Naga god of passion; and Torak, the Dragon goddess of instinct. At some point Torak disassociated with Dragons and created the Torakin. She was later killed by the Gilded Legions at the start of the Elfish Great Enlightenment.

Scientius was far more personal than his counterparts, but this only caused him to see the flaws of his chosen people quicker. He was put into a coma and banished to Te Ra by Irus after betraying the Elfs in favor of giving knowledge to the much more appreciative Goblin societies. In a final act of rage, Scientius created the abomination known as Deep, who formulated a plan to drive the planet's surface dwellers against Irus and his followers.

Modern Alturiana is a largely scientific and agnostic society. The lone exception is the theocratic country of Rothoxa, a stronghold for fanatical Elfs who are attempting to resurrect Scientius.

Argossa Prime

The self-declared Unquestioned Commander of the Argossan armada, Karma the Destroyer, relishes her power and portrays herself as a wrathful and easily angered god-king. This belief is upheld within her armies due to her extensive record of successful wartime leadership, conquered opponents, and defeated challengers.


The scattered tribes who survived the brutal Final War are highly spiritual, with some attempting to channel druidic magic to heal themselves and their world, others who plead to a higher power for forgiveness and guidance, and those yearning for a reason for these horrible things to have happened aside from only Aurian capacity for cruelty.


Historical records of the planet are lacking, but the last few gods to make themselves known to the populace still live on in memory and legends. They were the warrior husband and wife Zyrq and Lenara, as well as Kysei, the protector of the Tamashi continent and guardian of the dead.

Zyrq and Lenara abandoned Clash in favor of joining Te Ri's pantheon. Kysei was killed by Matthias Fleischer when he returned to Tamashi as Commissioner Beta with the intention of taking revenge on old enemies and reviving his fallen combat partners. Without a guardian to preserve the land and resurrect the fallen, the Tamashi continent was thrown into disarray.

On the floating island of Great Batalia, the Batalians' kings were worshipped as physical gods. The last being to hold that honor was the level-headed Aemelia, who was killed in a coup. In her absence, her kind fell into power vacuums and civil war, until they were re-unified under the rule of Blood Mask.


The Great Dream
Based on the revelations of a multi-author compilation known as Divine Hallucination, Dreamers posit that the universe is contained within the imagination of a comatose deity. All order and chaos is the result of its logic and creativity interacting with the canvas of the mind.
A relatively modern worldview which holds that not everything is as organic as it seems. Its adherents place a large focus on balance, believing that an equal mix of good and bad experiences is the key to the most fulfiling and meaningful life possible. Calculists are frequently instructed to "test reality", and encouraged to value both the novel and the nostalgic in reference to knowledge, stories, and technology.
Continuing an ancient religion, Incubists believe that the planet is a giant egg, hosting a creature which develops within the molten core. This also ties into their concept of the afterlife; They believe the creature draws strength from consuming the bodies and souls of wicked people who have died, which are brought to it by burrowing insects. It is said that the world will end in a fiery blaze when the creature grows strong enough to hatch and rips the continents asunder.

Te Ra

The followers of the Lord of Creation seek His assistance and patience in dealing with the horrible monsters and understanding the strange items now strewn across their once peaceful planet.
Others pray to the World-Mother for a champion of light, or hoping for the world to be reshaped so that the planet itself could be made hostile to the horrors' existence.
There are those who know that their kind was once arrogant and foolish, and condemned reality by making it malleable - open to suggestion. That was when the Sleeping Devil arrived, and fury spilled out of His dreams, assuming physical forms on the planet. Devilists beg that entity's forgiveness, and beseech Him to tame the deadly creations.

Te Ri

Te Ri has a myriad of religions, each focused on worship of one or many of the world's patron gods. See The Terian Pantheon for more detailed information.


Tesepans are highly spiritual, attempting to live in harmony with nature. They believe that the world has a large-scale life force that all its inhabitants are connected to and can draw from. Due to the abuses and wastes of their ancestors, Tesepan society's collective creed is that every thinking being's duty is to leave the world in a better condition than what they arrived to.

Toi Koe

The scattered Ravil, stranded in a strange realm, either praise or condemn Chosha fairly evenly. To His worshippers, He is the merciful mercenary who helped their kind escape slaughter at the hands of the xenophobic Batalians. The rest despise Him for plucking them from their homeland without allowing any chance of repelling the invasion, despite Batalian tactics and technology being superior to that of their peaceful society's.

World Zero

In the olden times of Origin's realm, its creator and patron preferred to be worshipped as a king instead of a god, despite having powers associated with the divine.

Following the collapse of Project CYBERDIE, most of Zero's Prolem population was replaced with Hivelings. They are highly militaristic, but non-spiritual, seeing their shadowy commander as more of a father figure than anything else.

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